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Star Wire (India) Limited, a composite mini steel manufacturing plant, has conceived a Finish Machining facility named as Star Wire (I) Engineering Limited in Sec-58 Faridabad in order to cater to the needs of steam turbine and hydro turbine manufacturers. The biggest strength to our new venture is the desired raw material back up in form of Castings, Rolled & Forged bars, duly approved by NTPC & BHEL, absolutely suitable for aforesaid applications. Thus, the synergy of our Raw material availability and high precision machining capabilities enables us to offer our customers a one stop solution for all critical Steam & Hydro Turbine & Generator components upto 660 & 800 MW capacities:-


Our shop has CNC machines such as Horizontal Floor Borers, VTLs and Precision Lathes for finish machining. For a detailed list of machines,
(Photographs of Machines)


Utilizing the latest techniques in machining, we pride ourselves in giving the best quality product to our customers. It is with this commitment to quality that we manufacture the following products.U

  1. Inner and Outer casings for steam Turbines with finished blade grooving upto 660MW
  2. Fasteners – Studs and Cap Nuts
  3. Sealing Rings and Covers for Shaft and casing.
  4. Inlet Inserts and Pipes and flanges
  5. Spares for Coal Mills such as upper & Lower Journal Heads assembly for XRP-583,603, 623 & XRP-803 Coal Mills.
  6. Steam Governing valves and its internals
  7. Fix and Moving Sealing Rings and Guide vanes for Hydro Turbines.
  8. Stator frame
  9. Pressure test rings and spiral test rings
  10. Outlet pipe stay ring flanges
  11. Runner Crown and band for Hydro Turbines

(Photographs of Products)