The Bulletproof Helmet Patka is an innovative headgear manufactured by Star Wire Defense. With greater user comfort and higher protection levels, the Helmet Patka is under extensive use in the IndianArmy and paramilitary forces. It comes in various sizes and colours to suit the user's requirement.


The Helmet Patka can be employed by frontline Combat Forces, Para Military & Police Forces, Riot Control Forces and similar troops when deployed on Internal Security duties in all types of weather conditions. The design provides a high degree of stability to headgear mounted electronic devices for Special Forces. Unlike the standard helmet, the external appearance of the Helmet Patka gives a non threatening appearance to troops, involved in Internal Security duties, where 'hearts and mind' are as important as combat readiness.


TheArmour Steel strip in the front protects the forehead by defeating fire of 7.62x39mm (AK-47 family of weapons) from a distance of 10 meters. The remaining circumference of the skull is protected against fire of 9mm family of weapons from a distance of 10 meters. The trauma pads provided can absorb shock/trauma in the event of bullet hits. Kevlar protection can be provided to personnel operating in high threat environments. The cylindrical design ensures ricochet of bullets striking from any angle, thereby reducing trauma.

Special Characteristics

  • The Bulletproof Helmet Patka has an armour strip made of Die Pressed Phantom Steel.
  • The Helmet Patka, being breathable, does not cause the user any fatigue or headache during prolonged wear.
  • The design ensures stability and firmness while aiming the weapon both in lying and crouching positions. The flat surface also allows use of attachments such as optical aiming / surveillance devices.
  • The Helmet Patka is available in three different sizes – i.e. small, medium and large or as per user's requirement.
  • The harness outer cover of the Helmet Patka can be made in various colours, depending on the specific requirements of the users.
  • The chin strap and specially designed straps at the rear ensure a perfect head grip.


The Helmet Patka is available in three variants. The weight of the Helmet Patka at 1.4 Kg to 1.5 Kg. compares well with the weight of the Ballistic Helmet.

Front & Back Front, Back & Top Front & Back Ears Neck & Top
Weight (approx) 1.40 Kg 1.7 Kg 1.9 Kg
Ballistic Material Phantom Steel Phantom Steel and Kevlar Phantom Steel and Kevlar